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Eggs, reishi, tea and toast!

Breakfast is essential. Many scientific studies have found breakfast eaters achieve higher grades, earn larger salaries, have happier marriages, get into less accidents and stay alive longer. What the studies never figured out is the optimum thing to eat at breakfast.

Well, for my body at this age, I’ve got it figured! And it’s a fresh boiled organic free-range egg served with organic home baked bread, a nice hot cup of tea (I am English, don’t forget!), and importantly, 3/4 teaspoon of powdered reishi mushroom with spores.

This morning, my egg was freshly laid by an organic free-range heirloom hen at a wonderful fitness, health and wellness retreat center named The Ranch at Live Oak / Malibu here in Southern California. Run by Sue and Alex Glasscock, The Ranch is a slice of paradise in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s a retreat center, an exquisitely designed home from home for super busy people looking for a slice of detox away from the stresses and strains of big city living.

My breakfast egg is never better than when it’s freshly laid by a hen that is cared for and handled with love, and that’s exactly how the hens are raised at The Ranch. They’re fed a generous mix of organic laying feed, fresh garden greens, organic kitchen scraps and ground oyster shells. Their coop is one of the prettiest and best designed coops I’ve seen, with great access to fresh air and sunlight, super clean inside quarters, and an insanely spectacular view of the mountains that most of LA would die for!

My breakfast egg is an important part of my health regime, as it sets my brain up for the day with its richly balanced blend of fats and proteins, and its gentle energetics from our feathered friends. So it’s subtle but true that when I start my day with a real egg from loved hens who eat good stuff and are genuinely happy, that happiness is passed on somehow to me.

Speaking of energetics, that’s where the reishi mushrooms come in. When I eat a little spoon of reishi, my whole day is deeper, more profound and angelic. I’ve found that if I ever miss taking reishi spores at breakfast time, my day is subtly less vibrant and connected. I am a complete devotee of all medicinal mushrooms, including shiitake, maitake, lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, agarikon and blazei. They are an incredible source of immunity boosting, allergy relief and a wonderful support for strength, vitality, calmness and serenity. They are so good for you, it’s spooky.

The tea I have is, of course, organic Earl Grey with organic milk, simply because I am ethnically suited to black tea with milk! I have attempted to cut it out of my diet many times, but to no avail. I drink Earl Grey tea in the morning, that’s just how I roll.

And the toast element of my breakfast… well, it’s not always home made, but it is always dense and nutritious, sometime sourdough, sometimes yeasted, not always whole wheat, but always a good loaf of bread made by hand by me or a baker. Because it’s great to start it with a little hand-made love.

Go Green Expo

People of Los Angeles! I’m speaking at the Los Angeles Convention Center event Go Green Expo TODAY (Saturday April 16) at 3.30 p.m. as part of a panel dedicated to Living The Green Life. We’ll be discussing little things that make a big difference to your enjoyment of life in a green way.

I will share practical and inspiring organic gardening ideas, as well as top tips for your organic kitchen.

The discussion will be moderated by Sarah Backhouse, from the Discovery Channel, and joining me round the kitchen table will be:

Vic Kalashyan of Tree Home Media
Dr. Anne Marie Fine of Fine Center for Natural Medicine
Ahmed Rahim of Numi Organic Tea
Ray Drysdale of Green1
and Jennie Nigrosh of The Green Garmento

Come early, because Captain Paul Watson, star of Whale Wars, is talking directly before me… his talk starts at 2pm. Captain Watson is an extraordinary and inspirational man. Facts:

1. He founded Greenpeace with his friend in 1972.
2. He was the original 1970′s “Save the Whale” guy… he made that whole international marine awareness campaign happen, one pin at a time.
3. He “left” Greenpeace so he could deal with less red tape and be free to deal with more badass anti-whaling interventions on the high seas.
4. In 2011, Captain Watson’s team, the Sea Shepherds, stopped illegal Japanese whaling. Period.

Also speaking today is Ed Begley Jr. who is on at 12:30pm. I’m sure both these talks will be fabulous, so please come and make a day of it…

Say GGE2011 at the door, and get a pass for the whole weekend for just $10!

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