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Blog archive: September 2010

Kate Love Magic

Kate Magic and I have been friends for over twenty years, spanning different continents, different eras of our lives and the same passion for organic, local, seasonal food. The UK’s leading raw food pioneer, I remember being concerned when Kate decided to eat only raw vegan food back in the early Nineties. Three children later, a veritable media empire under her belt, supremely healthy and with an international career spreading the raw food gospel, I’m eating my words as well as her delicious flower-laden salads with added sea vegetables…

There’s so much we agree about. We both believe humans are designed to eat about 50% of their diet as vegetables. We both think it’s a good idea to eat as many of our vegetables as we can in their natural raw state, and we both believe in old-fashioned preserving crafts like fermenting cabbage into sauerkraut. We both believe in eating about 5% of your diet as nutrient-rich superfoods such as cacao and goji berries. We both believe in the power of pure water and high quality plant oils like hemp and flax seed oils to lubricate our life force.

We also have faith in the power of laughter, love and miracles, and we are both advocates of the joys of preparing food from scratch. In fact, we have such similar food thoughts that I’d like t recommend you check out Kate’s subscription website, Kate’s Magic Bubble.

It’s only $15 per month, less than one of her books… and the information is fresher, with videos of the recipes, articles profiling different more unusual ingredients, and top quality interviews with OrganicFoodees like me!

Enjoy, and let her know I recommended you go visit her there… and by the way, that really is her name, it’s on her driving licence!

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