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Blog archive: August 2007

Chrysanthemum tea from Hong Kong

chrysanthemum tea

My friend Mary Beth is one of the top fit models in Los Angeles. Her derrière is the basis for most of the designer jeans now gracing the finest behinds around the world. As such, Mary Beth is often transported to far flung capitals in order to model the very latest fashions. Recently, she was flown to Hong Kong, and during that trip she found a fantastic quality chrysanthemum tea. The big fresh dried flowers are slightly moist with resins, and pungent with the scent of chamomile mixed with honey. The big daisy-like flowers swell when drenched in boiled water, releasing their powerful liver-cleansing magic. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, chrysanthemum tea is deeply cooling for the body. It purifies the blood and detoxes the liver, and is great as an after-dinner tonic. It is wonderfully relaxing and helps clear the head of unwanted thoughts. So I’m delighted Mary Beth gave me a nice big jar, as well as some fabulous puer tea. More on that later…

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