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Recipes and Books archive: January 2014

456 Fudge!


I don’t like the taste of maca. I know it’s good for me, but I don’t like how it tastes. However, I do like mahjong balls, but minus the naughty ingredient! These 456 fudge! balls are rich in maca but so incredibly delicious, you’re going to have to exercise incredible restraint not to demolish half of them before they hit the fridge. Hence the name:

4 tablespoons of maca powder.

5 tablespoons of raw tahini.

6 balls left out of the dozen you make…

“What’s maca?!” I hear you say. Well, it’s an ancient superfood from Peru, a powdered root, that’s especially good for women, as it balances hormones. It also increases fertility and aids stamina in every way, but without the buzz of caffeine.

As dates are also great for stamina, with their high percentage of complex sugars, and tahini is great for the reproductive system, and hair and nails due to its wonderful oils… well, 456 Fudge! is fabulously suited to every woman on the go. Just grab a ball or two on your way out the door, and you’ll enjoy your daily serving of maca while replenishing your hair and nails. Not to mention smiling a little more as they’re so delicious!

They’re also incredibly quick and simple to make, and like many of my favorite recipes, only include a few ingredients.

Five minutes prep, from start to finish. Eliminate power bars from your shopping cart forever!

456 Fudge!


Take 12 medjool dates and slice them open. Extract the pits and discard. Using a large knife, mince the dates coarsely on a chopping board and transfer to a bowl.

Add the maca and tahini, then lose all hopes of using any implements to combine this sticky bliss…

Simply squish into a paste, then roll into 12 balls of 1″ in diameter.

Refrigerate, and they’re ready. If possible, eat one per day, as they’re very rich!

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