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Recipes and Books archive: December 2008

Baking For All Occasions

A Treasury Of Recipes For Everyday Celebrations

This weighty hardback by San Francisco Chronicle baking columnist Flo Braker provides inspiration for every sweet American baking moment. Classic American cakes like Red Velvet and Braided Coffee Cake share the oven with modern inventions like Fresh Mint Brownies and Strawberry-Mango Shortcakes with Basil Syrup. A few savory bread recipes have made it into this baking book, including challah and foccacia, but the heart of this tome lies in land of the sweet. If you’re looking for tried and tested recipes that produce classic cakes with a modern twist, look no further.

Published by Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-8118-4547-2

Fresh From The Farmers’ Market

This paperback book by Janet Fletcher features an introduction from legendary Berkley chef, Alice Waters, always a good sign, and is illustrated with beautiful photographs by Victoria Pearson. I was excited to learn some of the tips the author has picked up for choosing, storing and cooking fresh produce from the farmers’ market.

Take persimmons, for example. Janet describes the different types of persimmons, suggests the best way to choose each different variety, and offers different uses for each variety as well.

The book is rich with quotes from farmers and chefs, with personal tips from the people who know best.

Published by Chronicle Books, 2008
ISBN 978-0-8118-6590-6

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