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News archive: February 2010

India hates Genetically Modified food

“We shouldn’t be a part of a system that will destroy traditional seeds and crops and allow multinational corporations to infringe on the agriculture sector.”

Indian Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan, saying Genetically Modified food would lead to the ‘colonization’ of the food sector.

The Guardian UK, 9 February 2010.

How much money farmers get

Out of every dollar we spend at a store, only 8 cents makes it back to the farmer.

Organic food isn’t posh

“The paradox is there’s this view that organic is elitist, it’s expensive, it’s a lifestyle choice for people who can afford it. As far as I’m concerned it’s not elitist to believe everyone should have the right to high-quality, nutritious food from sustainable farming systems. What’s elitist is that a handful of corporations have got a vice-like grip on the farming systems and food.”

Patrick Holden, Soil Association director, rejecting claims that organic is expensive and elitist.

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