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Complete Fibre Complex

Fibre is a crucial component of a healthy diet and plays an essential role in the health and integrity of the entire gastro-intestinal tract. Fibre is divided into two main categories insoluble fibre and soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre tends to absorb water and provide bulk in the intestinal tract. In addition these fibres such as plant cellulose undergo natural fermentation producing short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which are a key energy source for healthy intestinal cells. Soluble fibre such as pectin, mucilages and hemicelluloses are water soluble and have broader benefits as well as providing SCFAs i.e. heavy metal chelation, delay gastric emptying, binding of bile acids and steroids and cholesterol reduction.


1-3 capsules daily or as recommended by a practitioner. Best taken away from meals with water.

Potential applications

Some of the beneficial effects of supplementary dietary fibre include:

  1. Decreased intestinal transit time
  2. Delayed gastric emptying
  3. Increased satiety
  4. Increased pancreatic secretion
  5. Increased stool weight
  6. Improved intestinal flora balance
  7. Increased production of SCFAs
  8. Decreased serum lipids
  9. More soluble bile

Other applications include IBS, diarrhoea, elevated cholesterol, heavy metal / free iron chelation, detoxification / cleansing, obesity, functional disorders of the colon, candida.

Known contraindications

In cases of disorders of the oesophagus it is not recommended to take fibre supplements in pill form as they may expand in the oesophagus and result in obstruction.


It is suggested to avoid taking fibre supplements at the same time as medication as absorption may be impaired.

Use in conjunction with

Grapefruit seed extract, oregon grape root, EFAs, milk thistle, acidophilus, digestive enzymes.


Drinking adequate water is important in ensuring the beneficial effects of fibre on the intestinal tract.

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