Taste the difference

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for your email.

To answer your question, it all depends how the ingredients are used, Rhys.

If you had tried getting a standard non-organic orange and squeezing some fresh juice, and getting an organic orange and doing the same, you will taste a much bigger difference than cartons of concentrated heat-treated processed juice.

Also, you're paying more not only for taste reasons, but also for the other huge huge reasons I've listed in my Ten Top Reasons. These include farm workers not having to get sprayed with insect poisons as part of their job, being certain you're not eating genetically modified ingredients, avoiding nasty trans-fats and artificial additives, and supporting better animal welfare for meat and dairy products.

I suggest you keep to your student food budget and eat organic by avoiding supermarket food altogether and use a local organic box scheme instead. They are much cheaper than supermarkets, and they even carry your shopping for you! Check out our Where To Shop directory to find a box scheme near you.

Best wishes


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