Soya health claims

Thanks for sending over this informative and well-researched article. The Superfoods are personal recommendations from Michael van Straten, one of the UK's most respected naturopaths.

My own personal feeling about soya foods is that, as with all kinds of food, the nearer to their natural state and less refined, the better. I personally never cook with textured soya protein, whether it's organic or not. I much prefer traditional, artisan-made soya foods over factory-produced ones in terms of health, flavour and texture. This includes all soya foods, especially hand-brewed soya sauces as opposed to the awful watery factory-made sauces we're so often fobbed off with. And I do generally prefer fine tempeh over even great artisan-made tofu (although artisan-made tofu features regularly on my table).

Soya has some wonderful benefits for everyone's diet, particularly women.

Did you know that there is no word in Japan for 'hot flush'? Many scientists believe that Japanese women have far less menopausal symptoms because of the high levels of phyto-oestrogens in their diet due to lots of whole soya.

If you get a chance, please read a copy of my book, The Real Taste of Japan: Using The Finest Ingredients. There's plenty of info in this book about the benefits of great quality whole soya foods as a part of a balanced diet. But of course, moderation and balance is the key to health.

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