Sarah Ratty's eco-clothing

Thanks for your email, Leanne.... and what a lot of questions!

I am editor or, and as such have nothing to do with Sarah Ratty's company — I've simply written the article that you see. As such, I'm afraid I can't answer most of your questions, however I've passed on your email to Sarah's new company, Ciel. I know that they're extremely busy right now getting the Autumn 2003 collection ready, so please don't be disappointed if they don't reply. Fingers crossed...

As I see it, there are two parts to your email. Firstly, you need to make a company profile, describing the market in depth. Secondly, you need to design a garment from eco-friendly fabric.

I simply can't answer the first part, as this is a full-scale marketing report or thesis. However, the experts in the environmentally-friendly textile world are at

My understanding of the second part of the conundrum is simply... design a garment! It's just like cooking with organic vegetables instead of cooking with non-organic vegetables — basically the same recipe, just better!

Thanks for getting in touch, and I wish you all the best with your quest.

Best of luck

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