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Hi Jackie

We rely on readers and shop owners to contact us to let us know they're there. None of the contributors to this site currently live in Yorkshire. We therefore do not have access to local knowledge in that area unless people based there help us keep up to date on their area. Maybe you can help?

This site is run for no profit. I think we're doing pretty well with so many shops listed without taking on board an equal number of new work to do. You're welcome to organise it if you want to ;)

My personal view is that they are lying. I have met Krebs, the head guy, and he gives me the heebees. It's a bit like WMD's - some people you trust are telling the truth, some people you don't trust. I trust the Soil Association are telling the truth about organic food and see the FSA as a GM industry / US Government policy promotion group. And my trust for the Soil Association's opinion is more than instinct. It's based on many many independent studies, the main result of which helped to compose the Top Reasons to Go Organic list on this site.

I believe they've gone bust, as their site has gone and their phones don't work either.

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