Promoting organic food in the UK

Dear Jenny

Thanks for your email. For many years, organic food was a very very small and niche market here in the UK. Most people first heard about it only a few years ago. There were a number of factors specific to the UK that caused a huge level of public and media interest. These were a variety of major food scares, including reports of salmonella in eggs and later the devastating outbreak of BSE, or mad cow disease. Simultaneously to these awful food problems, many UK consumers were naturally drawn to improving their lives, both in terms of health and enjoyment. As such, the market for organic food continues to grow at an exponential rate - the fastest sector of the entire UK food industry.

A major attraction for people in any country has to be the improved taste of organic produce. A country like Indonesia with such a wonderful culinary history would appreciate the strength and variety of flavours present in organic produce. Also, as a country that has been the victim of the West's policy of dumping the most heinous pesticides, promoters of organic food in your country may do well to highlight the dangers of pesticides to human and environmental health. And thirdly, Indonesia is currently targeted by many of the GM products that Europe now shuns, so I'd focus on raising awareness of the benefits of organic food over GM food.

Best of luck with spreading your passion for organic food.


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