Organic milk marketing opportunity

Ysanne Spevack replied:

I suggest that whilst organic food providers offer a top quality product, they unfortunately do not have the might, wealth and expertise that other sectors of the food industry enjoy. Despite under-funding and sometimes less than average marketing and management skills, the organic food sector as a whole is the biggest growth sector of the entire UK food industry. The British public simply understand that organic generally means best, even without a huge and able publicity machine. However, you have suggested an extremely effective campaign strategy for OMSCo, and I wish them well in pursuing this line of thought.

The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo) replied:

I can quite understand your surprise at the fact that organic milk producers are not broadcasting the compelling arguments in our favour more widely. We are certainly not blaming the public for not buying organic milk since we recognise that the arguments must be communicated to them first. Our problem is the Catch-22 that without greater sales we cannot afford the advertising campaign that you suggest, and without greater awareness of organic milk's benefits our milk sales will not increase fast enough to remove the surplus suddenly. Unlike many of our European neighbours no government grants exist for such campaigns in this country.

That said, we have embarked on a very successful public education campaign via the media, and organic milk sales are increasing at nearly 30% year-on-year, so we remain confident about the future of this market.

Yours sincerely,
David Whiting
Marketing Director

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