Bias on GMO's?

I am aware that the opinions expressed on the site are heavily biased. However, we are both aware that the opinions expressed by the GM industry are also biased in the other way. I feel like a happy balance is achieved if people read literature from both parties, and welcome that freedom of information.

Not wrong, only biased. There is a big difference. We simply have an editorial bias, as do almost all other journalistic sources. For example, the Daily Telegraph newspaper is right wing leaning, the Guardian is left wing leaning, etc etc. We are scrupulous at checking all facts presented are accurate, along with print journalists. Please visit out 'About Us' section to see the writers credentials. Personally, I write for Reuters amongst many other print clients.

Not really. They give their customers an attractive perspective on their products, which is of course only correct given the fact that they wish to sell GM products. Your statement is like saying that Coca Cola is giving their customer base a choice by listing the ingredients as governed by law, but not highlighting how Coke could potentially damage health if over consumed.

Firstly, can I please point out that I almost didn't reply to your email because of the tone of this paragraph. I am a nice person. I don't like being abused any more than the next person. Manners are free even if you are appalled by the information on our site. Facts are often subjective. One man's idea of benefit is another's idea of disaster.

In brief:

  1. Traditional gardening currently supports most of the world, i.e. families growing / raising enough for their own families on allotments, e.g. Asia, Africa, South America, etc.
  2. Most commercially available GM crops are specifically bred to resist stronger pesticides. These stronger pesticides are manufactured and sold by the same companies. A common example of this is Round-Up Ready Soy Beans.
  3. Medicines such as vaccines are better targeted when dosed specifically rather than distributed randomly through diet.
  4. 'Golden Rice' has been introduced to countries in Asia where vitamin D deficiency is caused by industrial agriculture. Before the monocultures were introduced to this region, local people ate a much richer variety of foods gathered from the countryside. Since intensive farming destroyed this variety, vitamin D deficiency is epidemic. Reintroduction of the original, traditional food sources will address this issue. Also, cultural acceptance of 'Golden Rice' has been very low, as Asian people generally prize pure white rice, and are therefore reluctant to accept bright yellow coloured rice despite its higher vitamin D content.

To address further points, please visit and Please bear in mind that these two organisations are charities. They do not have the funds and manpower that GM corporations do, so will be unable to answer your questions as fully as they might like to. Our site is run purely on a voluntary basis too, so we are unable to engage in further correspondence with you.

I assure you, we do our best to help people who are vulnerable.

As clearly stated on the About Us page of the site, we do not have any business interest to promote organic food, or to write against GM food. We are not a shopping site, but a free online magazine. We publish what we publish because, having meticulously checked the facts to the best of our abilities, we are passionate about what we write.

Apart from if the experiment goes horribly wrong. As a thoroughly modern urban-living free-thinking science-loving person, I do believe we could research genetic modification to possible benefit. I love modern medicine, key-hole surgery, etc etc. But not a massive uncontrollable experiment across the entire planet, run by organisations whose prime focus is profit. To my mind, that is simply not good science. Where's the precautionary principle?

I love your dream. May public institutions pick up the gauntlet you have thrown down and work on these ideas, in a safe, scientific environment like a laboratory.

I have travelled extensively, in India, Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and other disadvantaged areas closer to home. I believe we both have the same passion, to see people throughout the globe have access to clean water and good, safe, plentiful food. I commend your passion, but do feel sad that you have expressed yourself so insultingly. I will not repay that insult. Meanwhile, I invite all our readers to continue donating at least 1% of their incomes to charities and organisations that help combat the desperate poverty which shockingly exists in our beautiful planet.

Please keep your threats for the big guys who do bad things. We are the individuals on the same side as you - people who care, and take the time to research information to the highest principles.

Ysanne Spevack


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