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Hi Rhys,

Thanks for your email, but you're misquoting me. What I said was, organic fresh produce has more food for your money, as there's generally less water in an organic courgette than a non-organic one (for example).

Organic concentrated juice and non-organic concentrated juice are both manufactured the same way - juice is concentrated, then reconstituted with water at a later time. They will both have similar amounts of water taken away from the juice when concentrated, and then added back to this concentrate later - 80% water sounds about right.

Freshly squeezed juice is just squeezed juice, whether from organic produce of non-organic produce.

Comparing like with like, organic juices are always better than non-organic ones as they have all the benefits of fresh organic produce over fresh non-organic produce. Non-organic juices contain a lot of pesticides, because they contain a lot of fresh produce that have been sprayed with pesticides. Concentrated juices have even more. And organic juice is made from organic fresh produce, so it will have a tendency to contain more micro-nutrients per litre, plus more phyto-nutrient, which are the things that give fresh produce its flavour. Basically the higher the quality of the fresh produce that goes into a juice, the higher the quality of the final juice in terms of healthiness and flavour.

Choosing organic juice is about choosing a healthier and tastier juice, but it's also about choosing juice that's grown with respect for the countryside and with respect for the farmers who work the fields. Choosing organic juice, whether concentrated or freshly squeezed, means you're supporting wildlife such as birds and also keeping pesticide usage away from farmworkers. This is particularly of concern for tropical and semi-tropical juice crops, such as orange, as non-organic produce from developing countries often has less legal controls about farm-workers' protection when using highly toxic pesticides.

I hope this explains why organic juices are so much better for you and your family.

Kind regards


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