Food standards

The legal definitions of organic food are extremely tight. They ensure that animal welfare is higher in organic animal products than the general appalling levels of standard supermarket fare. However, different certification boards have differing standards within these legal standards.

Some certification boards, like the Organic Farmers and Growers, ensure that the legal minimum organic standards are adhered to. Others, like the Soil Association and Demeter, ensure that much higher standards are adhered to for producers to be able to carry their logos.

Every food product labelled as organic must carry a certification mark by law. This is either a logo or a number. The Soil Association code is UK5, and Demeter is UK6. When in doubt, stick to animal products bearing these codes to ensure higher welfare standards.

I also strongly suggest you buy your animal products from excellent suppliers rather than the habitual supermarket option. There are some links here on to brilliant suppliers such as Swaddles Green Farm and Graig Farm.

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