Dwindling fish stocks

Nice thought, but not accurate unfortunately.

Check out http://www.mcsuk.org for details of the Good Fish Guide by Bernadette Clarke. Also:

Also the fish chapter in my book Organic Cookbook.

It's very complex. Farmed salmon and trout can be horrific for fish and environment OR sensitive and renewable humane nutrition. Wild fish stocks should always bear the Marine Stewardship Council if possible, as on sale in Waitrose and adopted by brands like Bird's Eye.

The rules of thumb for UK consumers are:

  • If it's farmed, it should bear the Soil Association logo.
  • If it's wild, it should come from Icelandic waters.
  • Lots of local shell fish are great e.g. cockles and whelks, but tropical shellfish like prawns are total no-no.


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