Fenugreek and Wheat Grass

Dear Ettore

Thanks for your email. There is no problem with UK organic wholesalers as an entire industry, any more than any other arbitrary group of people. The same market forces apply to the UK market as the US for any organic commodity.

A quick Google.co.uk search found these two links for organic fenugreek seeds suppliers:

The first is a retailer, and the second is a wholesaler.

As for wheat grass seeds, again a quick question to Google.co.uk revealed a whole bunch of problem-free UK seed retailers and wholesalers just waiting for your email to request a purchase. Wheat grass seeds are the same thing as wheat berries, and are available just about anywhere that stocks brown rice. Also, consider sprouting spelt grain, and go to http://www.ukjuicers.com/ for inspiration.

I hope this helps

We also received this email, which may be of interest:

Hi Ysanne,

I have checked out your site .......its fantastic, I am really impressed. You obviously know something about us, but I just wanted you to know that we are growing the organic buckwheat greens now as well as the organic sunflower greens, organic barleygrass and of course organic wheatgrass. We do sell the seeds occasionally but as a rule I direct people on to a couple of good stockists. Everyone wants our spelt seed...

Give me a call sometime at the Green Seed Company Tel: +44(0)208 789 7897 Fax: +44(0)1903 892 893

Best regards from

ps, I have never had any problem getting organic fenugreek seeds in the past.

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