Fair Trade in the UK

Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for your email. We'd love to see you and other British organic dairy farmers paid a fair price, and are well aware that you generally don't. The British public wouldn't like this either, but doesn't often hear from somebody with first-hand experience. They just see bright and shiny supermarket chilled counters filled with the organic dairy foods they want. And most people just trust and buy.

Personally, I buy my daily pinta either from an organic box scheme or from a decent organic food store, because I can't stand the taint and tarnish I see on organic Mcproducts, wherever they're sold. People talk a lot about Fair Trade foods from overseas, but British organic farmers are often treated dismally by the muscley big supermarkets. For more info on organic dairy foods that pay a fair and decent price to UK farmers, visit www.omsco.co.uk. And meanwhile, let's hope more and more people start spending their money with retailers who pass on a decent amount to the producers.

Best wishes


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