Home delivery and carbon emissions

Dear Andrew

Firstly, organicfoodee.com does not sell anything. We are purely the UK's favourite organic online magazine, not a home delivery service. However, I can reassure you that organic local home delivery services are leaps and bounds better in terms of carbon emissions than any major supermarket.

This is because local supermarkets are not really local. All supermarkets have the same basic model, which is that they have a central hub. Waitrose's central hub is in Milton Keynes. All products that are sold in any Waitrose anywhere in the UK need to go from the place they are packaged to the central hub in Milton Keynes. They then go from here to a regional hub somewhere near you, before traveling again to the actual store that you buy them from. Of course, the initial trip from the packaging place to the central hub is actually the last journey of many that brought the ingredient of a pie possibly from all over the world together.

Organic home delivery services offer local food wherever possible. The basic model of the box scheme is based upon locally grown organic produce. Of course, this is often sold alongside organic foods that cannot be local, such as oranges and bananas. However, the overall environmental impact of your shopping from an organic home delivery service is far better than the same foods from a supermarket, especially if you include the benefits of less packaging.

So take the plunge and try out your local organic home delivery scheme. You'll not only be lessening your carbon emissions, but will also be delighted by the vitality and freshness of your produce, so much perkier and less air-sick.

Best wishes


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