Cayenne Pepper for shingles

Thank you for your email. As I am not a qualified naturopath, I forwarded your enquiry to one of the world's most respected natural doctors, Michael van Straten. He has the following advice to offer:

Here's a traditional Dutch folk medicine remedy for post herpetic neuralgia which is always worth trying and is often very successful. Coarsely chop a couple of inches of fresh leek, then, in a pestle and mortar, crush the leek to extract its juice — the back of a wooden spoon and a small bowl works fairly well. Strain the juice and use a cotton wool ball to paint it over the affected area. Repeat morning and evening for at least a week.
Re: Cayenne pepper, be very careful applying this to the skin as it can be very irritant for some people. Try adding the tip of a teaspoon of cayenne to a dessertspoon of E45 cream, mix thoroughly. Apply a little initially to the inside of the forearm as a test patch. If you experience no adverse reaction you can then apply it to the area affected by the shingles.

I hope this is of help.


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